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12 Health Benefits of Brahmi: Feel healthier, sexier, smarter

health benefits brahmi

If you’re feeling all over the place, knowing about the health benefits of Brahmi can be a game changer for you. A little bit of Brahmi did wonders for me when my brain was totally fried (and I’ve also made relaxation one of my priorities now). So, let’s FOCUS and learn more about the origin of this plant...

The name Brahmi is used for 2 Ayurvedic herbs - Centella Asiatica (also called Gotu Kola) and Bacopa Monnieri because both these herbs share similar properties. In this post,  I’ll be talking about Brahmi as Bacopa Monnieri, which is one of the best brain boosting Ayurvedic herbs in on this planet.

In Sanskrit, the word Brahmi means the feminine spirit of infinite consciousness. It is believed that Brahmi enhances one’s awareness.

Brahmi is a aquatic plant which grows in the marshlands of India and is also found in Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, China & Vietnam. It can also be cultivated in a pond. The plant’s bitter-tasting leaves contain saponins which are said to contain its healing powers.

Brahmi has been used in Ayurvedic medicine since the 6th century A.D as a diuretic and tonic for the nervous system and the heart. In Ayurveda, an imbalanced Pitta causes inflammation and agitates the mind and body. Brahmi is used to soothe such imbalances.

You know what I love about Brahmi? It is a tridoshic Ayurvedic herb which means it balances all the 3 doshas - Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

Also known as water hyssop, Brahmi lifts your energy, helps in the growth of blood cells and aids peaceful sleep. But wait, there are far more health benefits of Brahmi and I’ve covered the main ones below.



Feel like you can’t think straight? Then you’ll find Brahmi very useful. Being a mind tonic, it clears and balances the mind. It is often used by meditators because it provides clarity and improves subtle awareness.

I love to have a cup of Brahmi tea on days when my mind is too full.


health benefits brahmi

Do you tend to forget things often? Then Brahmi might be the cure for your forgetfulness. One of the top health benefits of Brahmi is its ability to improve brain function. It is a natural memory improver and it enhances your learning ability.

Want to include Brahmi in your diet? Make this yummy Brahmi pesto at home.


health benefits brahmi

Ready to beat that brain fog? A cup of Brahmi tea will help you focus and get stuff done.

The beauty of Brahmi is that it aligns with nature’s rhythm. During the day, it helps you focus, stay alert and feel relaxed. It improves concentration as well. During the night, it helps you fall asleep easily.

If you’re looking to kick your coffee addiction, you might want to consider Brahmi a chance.


Ayurveda uses Brahmi in the treatment of progressive neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. A natural way to treat Alzheimer’s is to take Brahmi supplements.

Medical research shows that Brahmi might have the potential to prevent the dementia (forgetfulness and impaired thinking abilities which interfere with the patient’s daily life) linked with Alzheimer’s.


When was the last time you were stressed? I suppose not so long go. Recurring, unresolved and chronic stress can cause a range of physical and mental health issues.

health benefits brahmi

If you’re looking for an Ayurvedic remedy to combat chronic stress, Brahmi could be your answer.  A study done by Central Drug Research Institute in India proved that Brahmi acts as an adaptogen and reduces chronic stress. I have to admit that stress relief is definitely one of my favorite health benefits of Brahmi.


This superherb not only reduces daily stress but it also supports your emotional balance.  Brahmi acts as an antidepressant and helps you overcome feelings of anxiety. A study by the University of Michigan Health System shows that Brahmi creates brain effects that reduce depression and anxiety.


ADHD stands for Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder, which likely to start in childhood. A person with ADHD tends to be hyperactive, impulsive and has difficulty paying attention.

Brahmi improves cognitive function and can be used to treat ADHD. A clinical trial conducted with children suffering from ADHD who were given Brahmi supplements daily showed they benefited from it considerably. 

Want to use Brahmi for a child with ADHD? Make sure to consult an Ayurvedic practitioner if you want to give Brahmi supplements to a child.

health benefits brahmi


Epilepsy is a chronic neurological disorder in which the patient gets seizures due to disturbed nerve cell activity in the brain. Traditionally, Brahmi has been used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat epilepsy.

Although a trial in India found that a Brahmi extract lowered the frequency of epileptic seizures, another similar trial showed inconclusive results. More research needs to be carried out to prove the benefits of Brahmi in treating epilepsy

If you’re looking to use Brahmi for epilepsy, make sure you find a qualified Ayurveda practitioner who can give you the best advice.


Have aches that just won’t go away? We all have body pain at some point of time but it becomes chronic when the pain lasts several weeks and even years.  Various clinical trials have shown that Brahmi soothes chronic pain.

Brahmi has the capability to significantly reduce pain which can be compared to morphine, says a study published in Current Medicinal Chemistry. It also shows this Ayurvedic herb protects the brain, kidneys and heart


Have hypertension? Brahmi is a promising herb to keep your BP in check. Some studies have shown that the use of Brahmi can reduce high blood pressure.

Although Brahmi leaves are bitter, there are lots of fun ways to include them in your diet like this Sweet Potato Brahmi Leaves Cutlets.

Here's a quick video to recap the health benefits of Brahmi:

Aren’t the health benefits of Brahmi fascinating? Who would’ve imagined that this little flower has such superpowers!

Guess what, this Ayurvedic herb is not just fantastic for your brain but it’s great for your skin and hair. So, here are 3 beauty benefits of Brahmi that make it special.



Got any skin diseases or inflammation? You can use Brahmi to soothe the skin and heal any skin-related issues. Brahmi is used to treat ulcers, psoriasis and eczema. Its oil is antiseptic and can heals cuts and burns. It can also be used as an astringent to cleanse the skin and minimize pores.


health benefits brahmi

Nothing is better than a calming head massage (which by the way, also gives you silky hair). Massaging the scalp with Brahmi & Amla hair oil makes it more effective as it is closer to the brain.  It also makes hair strong and healthy. If you want to reduce your hair fall, massage your scalp with Brahmi hair tonic twice a week.


Premature aging happens when your body’s organs begin to wear and tear long before their expected time. Wrinkles, sagging skin, blemishes, low immunity, weak bones and reduced stamina are all symptoms of premature ageing.

One of the most powerful beauty benefits of Brahmi is that it is also an anti-aging supplement. The easiest way to do this by taking a jam-like Ayurvedic herbal formulation called Chyawanprash which has Brahmi in it.

health benefits brahmi

Precautions To Take When Using Brahmi

Whenever you buy Brahmi products, ensure that they are high-quality and organic (you want to avoid contaminated herbs filled with toxins).

Pregnant and nursing women should only use Brahmi after consulting an Ayurvedic practitioner.

Always check with your doctor or Ayurvedic practitioner before taking Brahmi if you have any health issues especially if you’re on thyroid medication or sedatives.

Never take Brahmi on an empty stomach as it can cause side effects (like fatigue, nausea, cramps, bloating and diarrhea).

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