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12 Potent Health Benefits of Jatamansi: The 'Woman's super herb'

health benefits jatamansi

At Apothecary7 we're all about upping your Ayurveda game, so you can optimise your brain, body and business. That’s why today I’m sharing with you the health benefits of Jatamansi. A herb that every go getting woman in business should definitely be using regularly.

Jatamansi (also known as spikenard in English) is an ancient Ayurvedic herb that grows in the Himalayas in India, Nepal and China. It is a flowering plant with pink flowers.

The underground stems of the plant, called rhizomes, are used in Ayurveda. And resin from this plant is used to make Spikenard essential oil, which is amber colored and gives out an intense, spicy and woody fragrance.

Jatamansi was once considered precious because of its medicinal properties.

Historically, Jatamansi was used not just in India but in various cultures in remedies and rituals. You can even find the mention of Spikenard in the Bible (the part where Mary of Bethany rubbed Jesus’s feet with Spikenard ointment).

Spikenard was also used by the Egyptians, Romans and Europeans throughout the ancient and medieval times.

So as you can see, this humble Ayurvedic herb has a pretty prestigious history.

In today’s age, Jatamansi is used as an Ayurvedic remedy to help treat sleep disorders, insomnia, chronic stress, chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety and nervous disorders like epilepsy.

It also helps to support the digestive, immune and female reproductive systems.

The stem of the Jatamansi plant powdered and used Ayurvedic medicine, to be consumed with honey, ghee or water.

Are you curious about the health benefits of Jatamansi?

I was too, and when I was done with my research and trying this herb out for myself, I can honestly say I was thrilled with the results.



Jatamansi has been a woman’s herb for centuries in the Ayurvedic tradition.

It supports female reproductive & hormonal health. It relieves cramps, eases period pain and makes your monthly cycle regular. It is used to stimulate, cleanse and treat inflammation of the uterus.

health benefits jatamansi

Jatamansi is nature’s gift for healthy ovaries because it balances the production of estrogen and progesterone, the two main hormones secreted by the ovaries. It is also used as an aphrodisiac to cure impotence.


One of the best health benefits of Jatamansi is that it relieves inflammation in the body. A big cause of disease is inflammation, and it can damage your brain, lungs and gut.

Not only that, inflammation is linked to asthma, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cancer, arthritis, Crohn’s,  Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

Medical research shows that Jatamansi is an anti-inflammatory agent.


health benefits jatamansi

In Ayurveda, Jatamansi is a natural antidepressant and is used to treat headaches and depression.

Jatamansi oil relaxes and the body and mind. It soothes the skin and naturally cools down the body’s heat. It brings peace to people struggling with anger and violent feelings. It brings calm to a restless mind and acts as a stress buster.


Using Jatamansi is a natural way to treat hypertension or high blood pressure. Controlling your blood pressure and keeping it under check is crucial for good health.

The higher your blood pressure, the more chances you have of getting heart disease, diabetes and kidney failure.

Jatamansi naturally lowers high blood pressure by dilating the arteries. And since Jatamansi is high in antioxidants, it reduces oxidative stress and brings your overall stress levels down.

health benefits jatamansi


One of my favorite health benefits of Jatamansi is that it’s great for your gut bio health.

Being an Ayurvedic laxative, Jatamansi aids the entire digestive system and helps relieve constipation. It is also useful if you have gas or bloating.


Jatamansi fights bad bacteria and prevents it from growing inside & outside the body. It is used for treating bacterial infections in the urinary system.

Have a skin disease? Then you'll definetly benefit from using Jatamansi 

Jatamansi or spikenard oil heals fungal infections like toenail fungus and athlete’s foot. It also relieves itchy skin, rashes, psoriasis and dandruff.


health benefits jatamansi

Insomnia is more widespread in the world than you can imagine. If you have ongoing difficulty sleeping or remaining asleep, if left untreated this can progress to insomnia.

Insomnia can be triggered by many things -  some of which can overconsumption of sugar & alcohol, bad digestion and lack of exercise, but the two most common are anxiety and stress.

If you have trouble sleeping, opt for an Ayurvedic herb like Jatamansi instead of taking sleeping pills which may have side effects.

Medical research proves that Jatamansi helps you sleep - it relieves any tension stored in your body and calms your emotions so that you can get a good nights sleep.

Watch this video to see how you can use Jatamansi essential oil to sleep better:


Need to detox?

Ayurveda says that blood purification is one of the most powerful health benefits of Jatamansi. This bitter tasting herb balances the Pitta dosha and purifies your blood.


health benefits jatamansi

Do you have days when you just can't focus? I know how it feels and that's why I use this herb on a regular basis - especially if I'm feeling under a lot of stress.

Jatamansi is good for your nervous system and I've personally found it helps to improve brain function.


The health benefits of Jatamansi are not restricted to treating a few diseases. This Ayurvedic herb offers preventive care by boosting your immune system which keeps illness away.

Interested in using Jatamansi? Well it gets better, see, you can even use jatamansi for better for your skin and hair. 


health benefits jatamansi


Jatamansi improves your complexion and makes your skin shine. Being a complete skin tonic, it heals cuts, wounds, itchy skin, the redness caused by rashes, any kind of burning sensation, bacterial infections and herpes.

If you want to exfoliate with Jatamansi, you can make this Desert Sage Body Scrub with Jatamansi essential oil.

Another great way to use the essential oil is by making this Soothing Lavender, Spikenard & Aloe Skin Spray.


A medical study proves that Jatamansi can promote hair growth. Jatamansi oil helps your hair grow longer, thicker and healthier. It also prevents your hair from graying too fast.

If you’re experiencing hair loss, massaging your scalp with Jatamansi oil can stop hair fall. It is also an effective remedy against dandruff.

health benefits jatamansi

The ancient science of Ayurveda has used the beauty benefits of Jatamansi since ages - to create formulations that help women look good and feel good. Before you use this herb, just check the precautions.

Precautions To Take When Using Jatamansi

Do not use Jatamansi if you are pregnant, nursing or have heavy bleeding during your period. If you have high blood pressure, make sure you consult your doctor before using Jatamansi.

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