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The Intention

It’s every woman's birthright to reserve time for herself. 


We’ll, it’s in these brief but delicious moments of aloneness that you’re able to rebalance, renew and restore.


You’re ready to put on your game face.

Slip into the flyest outfit (or the yoga pants)

And go be great.

  Apothecary7: Our Intention 


To empower busy, stressed out women in business ,with holistic wellness information and lifestyle products that will help them thrive.

We're on a journey to bring Ayurvedic inspired self-care rituals into the lives & bathrooms of women globally.

 That's why:

  • Each product in our small, but perfectly formed bath & body range is based on 3 simple principles which we never waiver from and are unapologetic about.
  • Every single ingredient must be plant, herb, or root based. That means no junk. No toxins. No preservatives. Ever.
  • Every single ingredient must be  selected for its nourishing and restorative properties. That means attention, intention and self love. Daily.
  • Every single product must fuse pleasure with performance, yet adapt to your needs. That means you’re in charge. Always.

Designed to be a sumptuously indulgent self care ritual, whether cleansing away the mire of the day with our Renew body Ubtan.

Or, slathering on some planted based age defense with our Refresh cleanse and polish. 

Remember this…

From soil to soul, Apothecary7 Ayurvedic formulations are a celebration of something sacred. You.

So we invite you today to choose, yourself.

“Where there is light, there must be shadow, where there is shadow there must be light  - Haruki Murakami

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